Untold Story of Insider Who Brought Down the Cali Cartel


These are the eyes of Jorge Salcedo — as much of his appearance as we can share without risking his personal safety.  Today, he lives with his family under federal protection somewhere in the United States.

He was once a high level Cali cartel insider, personal security chief to the biggest crime boss in Colombia. But when Salcedo looked into the mirror, he never saw the eyes of a criminal in his reflection. After all, he was no drug trafficker; he was an engineer. He knew about cartel violence, but he wasn’t one of the killers. He avoided direct involvement in The Business and tried hard not to see the dark sides of the people he protected. But even self-delusion had limits. Eventually Salcedo realized he was trapped. He knew too much. And then, after more than six years in the cartel, one of his worst fears came true. He was ordered to arrange a murder.

Salcedo faced a harrowing choice: To kill or risk being killed along with his family. Desperate for another option, he saw only one way out…Bring down the biggest, richest crime syndicate in the history of crime.

Author and investigative journalist William C. Rempel weaves what critics call a meticulously crafted tale of suspense as he recounts the incredible but true story of Jorge Salcedo and his last days in the Cali cartel. It is more than a literary thrill-ride. No history of organized crime, the drug wars or U.S. relations with Colombia can be complete without first taking a seat AT THE DEVIL’S TABLE.


Already, it’s a true-crime best-seller in the U.S. and a nonfiction sensation in Colombia as EN LA BOCA DEL LOBO. Bogota’s El Tiempo newspaper calls it a literary phenomenon. But it is fundamentally a timeless tale of personal courage, the story of a flawed hero facing impossible choices in the world of international racketeering — a shadowy realm laid bare in rare and compelling detail. Here’s what readers are saying:

“TRUE CRIME doesn’t get any more thrilling” — Los Angeles Times

“TRUE CRIME masterpiece” — Drug War Chronicle

“TRUE STORY…(He) had the courage to risk everything” — Tucson Citizen

“GRIPPING and elegant work of true crime and redemption”  — Douglas Frantz, co-author of The Nuclear Jihadist and Fallout

“RIVETING work of nonfiction…Should he risk his life in order to save his soul?”  — David Grann, author of The Lost City of Z

“I WISH it was 700 pages!!” — Chad Hill of Santa Barbara, Amazon.com 5-star review



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